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Please see my other article on how to identify if you are under spiritual attack

If you are under spiritual attack, then it is time for you to fight back. You can no longer sit idle by and let the enemy steal your joy, peace and ministry. It is your life, your ministry, your future that is at stake here. God has given you the power and the authority to defeat the enemy, therefore you no longer have to live a defeated life (Luke 10:19).

Spiritual warfare is nothing new and is not something that you should take lightly. If you sit back and allow the enemy to continue to attack you, your family, your ministry and church, then you will face the penalty.

Here is how you can fight the enemy

  1. Enter into spiritual warfare. To defeat the enemy and take back everything he has stolen from you, you have to enter into active combat. You can no longer be idle on the side watching what is happening. There are no spectators in the kingdom of God. Warfare prayer is one of the most powerful weapons at our disposal as you can pull down strongholds, break yokes and make decrees through prayer.
  2. Fight the enemy with your faith. Faith is another weapon that God has given the believer and without faith it is impossible to please God, or even to get anything from him (Hebrews 11:6)
  3. Resist the enemy. What thoughts is the enemy attacking your mind with? You need to rise up against those thoughts and speak life. For example, if the enemy is trying to tell you that you are not called by God start reminding him that from before you were born God knew and ordain you for ministry.
  4. Put on the whole armor of God. For us to win this war against the enemy, each day we have to put on the whole armor of God. The armor of God is put on through faith in the words of God. That is why for a Christian to live a victorious life, he must live and breathe the Word of God, the Bible. All the different part of the armor is activated through the word of God and having faith in the written and spoken word of God. For example the helmet of salvation, the helmet is use to protect the mind of the individual from the deceptive thoughts of the enemy. When the enemy attacks your mind, it is your job to remember and apply the word of God, ‘God says in his words if I confess my sins he will forgive me. I believe that God has forgiven from the life I use to live and I am now saved’.

It is the job of the enemy to destroy the believer, but it is also the job of the believer to destroy the works of the enemy and to accept nothing from the enemy.

What are your thoughts on the whole topic of spiritual attack by the enemy? How are you fighting the enemy?