The Best Spiritual Retreats Around the World You Must Visit This Year


Attending spiritual retreats can prove
itself quite of a healing experience. Besides being appropriate locations for
contemplation and prayers, churches and monasteries have unexpected powers on
people’s souls. For many, similar establishments are an escape for their daily
lives, but also an affordable accommodation option that allows them to enjoy
the unexpected beauties of the neighbouring areas. People today sometimes feel
lost and spiritually uncertain and thinking of the divine is a frightening
experience for many. However, several days spent in a spiritual retreat can
prove miraculous healers for them. Below is a record of some of the most
recognised establishments of this type around the world you will certainly

Ampleforth, Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a Benedictine monastery
with a long history in schooling and
as a spiritual retreat. From the monastery’s retreat schedule, you will be able
to enjoy breach prayers and relaxing walks. The goal of the abbey is helping
visitors find their way back to their spiritual priorities and disconnecting
from their mundane lives. The retreat also prides itself on offering the
attendants the possibility to choose the way in which they want to rediscover
God: through prayers or through an enclosure with nature. The abbey offers
visitors the option to remain overnight on the premises. It also features a
programme for young people. The location is stunning and an increasing number
of young people come to enjoy the views, but also to rediscover the Lord.

An entertaining and unexpected way to study
the Bible on the abbey’s premises is the In Vino Veritas Program, which mixes Bible Studies with wine
tastings. Those choosing to stay here through their journey will be able to
enjoy full-meal courses, cooked by the monks and nuns here, which are all

Each part of the abbey has custom church signs at the
entrance. You can always find out more information about the establishment’s
past by reading those.

St Anthony’s Guest House, Assisi

house is run by several New-York Franciscan nuns
and is one of the most
notorious spiritual retreats in Italy. The settlement has exclusively 5-star
reviews on Trip Advisor, but more importantly, it offers visitors the
opportunity to find their way to holier matters. The Guest House is located in
the breath-taking city of Assisi and offers visitors the opportunity to
reconnect with the Lord through nature and prayers. For those in need of more
tranquillity, you must know that the premises of the Guest House are incredibly
quiet and offer visitors the opportunity of introspection. The nuns here speak
perfect English, making it easier for all foreign visitors to communicate with
them. The facility offers full meals and most of the rooms have terraces with
breath-taking views.

Villa Palazzola, near Rome

premises of this Villa are described as one of Rome’s best-kept secrets
The former palace now hosts a Catholic English college. The villa also hosted
in the past a Franciscan church, so it has all the premises of offering
visitors an incredibly tranquil experience. The villa is beautifully located on
the lake Albano, conveniently placed at the bottom of the Alban Hills, 18 miles
from the centre of Rome. The Villa organises retreats throughout the year,
offering people the opportunity to discover the Bible in an incredibly
beautiful settlement. The accommodation prices that you will find here are very
reasonable and the retreats offer plenty of relaxation and introspection
opportunities. A pool is also available for all visitors that want to escape
the summer heat of Rome. The protected forests and walking trails surrounding
the villa are the perfect occasions to forget your daily worries and focus on
religion and rediscovering God.

Mount Athos, Greece

Although only men can enjoy the beauty and
silence of the Mount, the four days which you can usually spend here will offer
you more spiritual benefits than you anticipate. Nobody can spend more than
four days on one of the 20
monasteries on Mount Athos
, and the stay is usually spent in complete
silence. Also, the available meals are only two per day. However, you can wash
down your two daily meals with some impressively prepared wine from the monastery.
This isn’t as comfortable as other suggestions on the list, but staying here
for four days will allow you to rediscover the Lord in its many shapes and
forms, by bonding more meaningful relationships with your fellows and nature.

Cavtat Monastery, near Dubrovnik, Croatia

The captivating Dubrovnik
is notorious for the Cavtat Monastery
. The 14th century
Franciscan monastery hosts today an authentic spiritual retreat. Visitors can
stay in one of the rooms available. The church is built in the
Gothic-Renaissance architecture and has a turbulent history. During the 17th
century, the monastery was destroyed and rebuilt from the ground, just to see
itself robbed by the Russian armies in 1806. The retreat now hosts an
impressive number of works of art in the main altar and the establishment
itself is listed as one of Croatia’s most important monuments. All guests are
welcome to enjoy monk’s services. Throughout the year, visitors can rediscover
what religion and a deeper connection with God mean on the grounds of this
Monastery. Some travel agencies feature attractive packages for those who want
to visit the Monastery and enjoy several days in the retreat. The packages
usually start at $ 450 and include accommodation, flights and transfers.

Hotel Jeneralka, Prague

Jeneralka Hotel in Prague
is run by the Baptist Church. Since the 18th
century, in the hotel runs an International Theological Centre and a hotel,
ready to host those interested in spending several nights in this beautiful
retreat. You can stay in one of the 60 rooms available, some of those being
apartments suitable for families. These apartments are beautifully equipped
with kitchens, for a more comfortable stay.

These are some of the best spiritual
retreats from around the world. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you will find
your inner peace regardless of your go-to option. Book in advance and enjoy
several days in a deeper connection with yourself and nature.

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