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Maintaining Your Fast During Lent

During the Lenten season, you choose to give up something in order to replicate the experience Jesus Christ had in the wilderness during his...

Prayer Can Be An Adventure

 Prayer can be an adventure if you have learned to pray in faith. On the other hand, we can hinder what God wants to...

You Can Be Holy

YOU CAN BE HOLY. If I asked you, ‘are you a holy person’? What would your answer be? I think most of us would hesitate...

Tearing down Spiritual Strongholds through Prayer and the Word of God

The Bible tells us that the enemy (#Satan), which is describe as a thief comes to steal and to kill and to destroy, but...

Spiritual Weapons: Do You Know the Weapons of Our Warfare?

Now more than ever Christians need to arm themselves with the whole armor of God and use the different weapons of our warfare to defeat the enemy

How to Stand as a Christian and overcome sin?

Each one of us as soon as we become a Christians we instantly enter warfare, the battle against good and evil. Before we all became a Christian it was much easier for us to engage in sinful activities (depending on our parental upbringing), however when we became Christians we now have to acknowledge certain guidelines of behavior, for example, before we became Christians we could engage in sexual activities but once we became a Christian we no longer can engage in such activities outside of marriage.

Help, How Can I Prevent Or Overcome The Sin of Fornication?

Sex is one of biggest weapon the enemy uses to hold us in bondage, captive to #sin; many just cannot live without sex. Christians...

Facing and overcoming the different mountains in our lives

They are many times in our life that everyone once you have life has face and will face some great mountains in our life that is hard to climb, and it is in these time we sometimes we feel like we can't make it.

How to Return to Our Apostolic Roots

The church was birth out of the work of the Apostles documented in the book of Acts. It is clear from the book of Acts that God started ONE church, however, throughout history different churches came out of this one church having their own interpretations of the scriptures, for example you have Pentecostal, New Testament, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, amongst others. To make matters worst, the true church has lost its roots. Have the true church lost its purpose? Where is the true church? How did the Apostles Operate? how can we return to our Apostolic Roots?