you are mportant

God Made You A Miracle To Be Someone Else Miracle Quote


you are mportant

When created you, he put gifts and talents in you so that you can make a positive impact on your generation and the one to come. One encouraging word to someone, or helping one person can cause a domino effect that not only impact that person’s life, but others.

Go out and be a miracle. Use your experiences, failures, past, and knowledge to help someone.

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We are living in a time when they are not many positive role models or persons who we can look up to. It is because of this you find that many teenagers are turning to a life of crime and violence and are not morally pure. However, did you know that although they are not a lot of positive role models around, that we all can make a positive impact on others around us? How would you like to influence your peers and other persons around you? Well you can by following some words the Apostle Paul spoke to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12.