Perfect Christian Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls


Young people face temptation in all directions, even during
Christmas. This holiday season, Christian parents and grandparents are looking
for meaningful gifts, while young people are tempted by gifts that can take
them away from God. For every trendy Christmas gift idea your teenage girl asks
for, you can find a Christian idea that helps to reinforce her commitment to
God. Give a meaningful gift, by giving her a gift that will bring her closer to
God and remind her of her faith.

If your daughter is like many girls, she wants a name necklace.
Some girls even demand that their parents by them a 14k gold name necklace!
Kids these days feel entitled to have the best and of course you want to get
her the best. But let’s be honest, many Christian parents or grandparents
prefer that girls wear a cross instead of a name necklace. There is a
compromise – a Christian name necklace.

This reminder of Christ around her neck is much more
meaningful than a regular name necklace. Some parents allow their daughters to
wear only crosses, so a name necklace with a cross is a compromise. It enables
Christian girls to be fashionable, but in a way that reminds them of God and
Jesus. There are many Christian name necklaces to choose from, with a Jesus
fish motif, crosses, guardian angels, and more.

Many teenage girls want perfumes that have flashy names and
big price tags. Why not get her an anointing oil
instead? Biblical scents like Frankincense & Myrhh, Rose of Sharon,
Spikenard, Queen Esther, and more remind your daughter she is a Christian queen
before God. Girls love the convenient roll-on anointing oils and at just
$4.99/bottle it’s easy to treat your little queen to the smell of biblical
scents from the Holy Land itself and sent directly from Jerusalem. Not every
girl gets to open a gift all the way from the Holy Land at Christmas! The fact
that it’s made in the land of Jesus’s birth makes it even more special. It’s
the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

No matter what your teenage girl is asking for this year,
you are the parents/grandparents and make the final decision as to what gifts
you permit. Giving gifts that bring her closer to God and Jesus is an important
job in this world where it is so easy for a girl to be led astray. A thoughtful
faith-based gift that speaks to the wants of a teenage girl can help to keep
her closer to her faith, whereas gifts that are not faith do not have a this
added benefit. Fancy jewelry and fragrant perfumes – these are material things
with no relation to God. But if you take these items and add faith, you give
not only a trendy gift, but the gift of renewed faith. Renew the faith of the
teenage girl in your life with a thoughtful faith-based gift.

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Name necklace is always good gift. But not for every Christmas 😉

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thank you for a useful post.
Please, tell me how to write an article for a Biblewaymag?
no one reply on email,
also, can’t see the option to create a new post when logging in.
Maybe you can help with that?