Whoopi Goldberg: Hitler Was a Christian

When it comes to , many in the United States argue we should only accept Christian refugees who are fleeing from religious .

For The View’s atheist , this logic doesn’t fly, because she says was a Christian.

“There have been a lot of horrifying … there have been a lot of monster Christians,” Goldberg says. “ was a Christian.”

Yes, Hitler claimed to act in accordance with and follow Christ, according to a CBN report.

However, “Adolf Hitler was the nastiest, most hate-filled, almost wickedest man in history, and to say that he was a Christian is to be tremendously ignorant, or to be disingenuous,” says Ray Comfort, author of Hitler, God & the Bible.

What is your view on Adolf Hitler and what Whoopi Goldberg said about him?

Read more at (see also video) Whoopi Goldberg: Hitler Was a Christian — Charisma News


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