These 10 Technology Stats On The Use of Technology in The Church Will Blow Your Mind

Yes it is really happening. Churches and their pastors are getting on board with the use of technology in the church. And why not? It is a changing world and technology, whether we like it or not, is changing the way how we do things. I have previously written an article on how churches can use technology in the church, you should check it out here. I am here again with another article that will blow your mind, well I hope it does.

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Pastors are jumping on the technology bandwagon as many of these pastors have realized that by utilizing church technology, they can reach even more people than they could before. In fact if you do a search, you will find that many pastors are using Twitter and Facebook to share inspirational quotes and videos.

Statistics on how churches are using technology

1. 38% of people increased their Bible readership last year by downloading a Bible app or by listening to religious podcasts and streaming services. (Source: Barna Group)

2. 96% of pastors use a computer at church. (Source: Barna Group)


3. In the past thirty days, about 21.5 million adults have visited the website of their own place of worship. (Source: Grey Matter)

4. Since 2011, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s internet evangelism ministry has converted at least 5 million people. (Source: BGEA)

5. Pope Francis has 9.46 million followers on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

6. 52.9% of congregations use visual projection during worship. (Source: Faith Communities Today)

7. Millennials are 6% more likely to own a smartphone than a Bible. (Source: Pew Research, Barna Group)

8. 80% of nonprofits say that their website is the most important communications channel for outreach. (Source: Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)


9. 42% of churches facilitate online giving. (Source: Dunham+Company)

Giving in the church

10. Only 21% of the general population and 34% of Christians say they read to grow spiritually. (Source: Barna Group)

why CHristains read the Bible stats

What is your view on these stats?


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