Trump For President: Did God Pick Trump to be the President?

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I just dislike the fact that my Republican colleagues deeply believe that Donald Trump was put in the oval office by God. Most of them actually believe that government official are put in office by God; well, unless the government official is named Barack Obama or is a democrat. This is one of the major reason people can’t stand Christianity anymore and this is why it’s getting harder and tougher to preach the gospel.

We need to stop twisting the scriptures to favor us. God created and approved the system of governing, which includes:

  • Parents and Kids
  • Employers and Employees
  • Leaders and Followers, etc..

No, God does not hand pick anyone to fill these positions. If you believe God picked one, then he picked them all and you should have supported Obama the way you are rolling over to support Trump. If God picked them all, then He is a partial God because there are a lot of good Christians around the world suffering in the hands of malicious leaders.

Christians are the spiritual Israel and the Bible is our constitution:

  • As people of a society, we must obey the government in the land where we live
  • As employees, we must obey our employers
  • As children, we must obey our parents

However, all of these obedience has to be in accordance with the scriptures, which is where “in the Lord” comes in. Not all Democrats are going to hell and not all Republicans are going to heaven. Again, your party affiliation will not save you or send you to heaven.

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