How to be a great preacher and minister

How to be the leader God created you to be

Each one of us has our own calling in life, some of us to be choir directors, others it is to work on the usher board, evangelistic board, children ministry, while others it is in the leadership.

Although some people are born with the ability to lead, leaders are not born, but they are made. A leader in the church whether it is as a Pastor or the president for the youth department, or any other leadership role, the role you play is very important and others are depended on you to be whom God called you to be. Did he called you to be a Pastor? A youth leader? Responsible for the children ministry? The position you play in the house of God is very important and you need to remember that God has entrusted you with influence and the growth of his children, you are God’s husbandry, you are God’s steward (1 Corinthians 3: 9; 4:1).

Leaders hold great respect when they speak and whatever they say or do is seen as gospel. I remember one of my friends telling me that if the Pastor says it, then it must be true. Similarly, I have seen a Pastor mocked the Holy Ghost, in my opinion, and someone else following his behavior even weeks after and saying nothing is wrong with it as that person did it. You can therefore see the high position leaders hold in the church.

As God’s steward, it is very important that as a leader you have some very important characteristics:

  1. A leader must be faithful. Leaders must be faithful to their calling or office that God gave them, and they must be faithful to God (1 Corinthians 4: 2). You cannot decide to show up for meetings or to do the work of the Lord whenever it is convenient to you or whenever you want. You should never think that you cannot be replace as God is never short of a man to do his work, so never think that God cannot replace you. You have been entrusted with a great office, be faithful to it and God. Always remember that we are not saved and set free just for our personal fulfillment, but to further the gospel.
  2. A leader conduct and behavior must be patterned after the Word of God. It goes without saying that as a Christian your character should be patterned after the Bible, how much more is this true for leaders. You have to remember that as a leader people will be watching you and pattering their action after what you do and say. Their faith is in your hand. In the Bible, whenever the king is a worshipper of God and is faithful to him then the people mimicked their faith and way of life.
  3. Count it a blessing to be called by God. When God called the apostle Paul while he was on the road to Damascus he answered the call by saying, “Lord, what will you have me to do?” We must surrender our will to God. There will be times the Lord will ask you to do something or your ministry may take your life into a certain direction, you must be willing to follow the leading of the Lord. You are in ministry to serve.
  4. A leader must study the Word of God and grow closer to God. Many leaders are not very effective and progressive as they should in ministry because they do not spend enough time getting to know God more. As a leader must develop a close relationship with God and only then will you be very effective. You must be connected to the source which is God. When you are connected to God then he will channel his will down through you. You are a conduit to the movement of God in your ministry. You can only do this by spending time reading the Bible and talking to God.
  5. A leader must be respectful to everyone. If you expect respect, then you must show respect. How you speak and deal with those you lead and come in contact with will greatly affect your ministry whether positive or negatively. Get this, people will respect you because of the position you hold as God commanded them to do so, but you should not want people to respect you because of the position you hold, but you want people to respect you for who you are as a person and leader. When people have high regards for you then it will be easy for them to work with you and make your ministry successful.
  6. A leader should not show any preference for anyone. Yes there will be people who you will like more than others, but you should try your very best to give everyone the same treatment. No one likes to feel insignificant or belittled by their leader.
  7. A leader must not only lead in words only, but also should lead by example. Being a leader does not mean that you should only give orders, but you should lead by example. For example, it is not enough to tell those you lead to be committed to any task God has given them, and you are not being faithful; or telling them to develop a prayer life when you don’t. The best way to tell someone to do something is by showing them; lead by example.
  8. A leader must be willing to go beyond the call of duty for those you serve. As a leader you should be willing to help those you serve in whatever way you can. Your ministry doesn’t end when church has been dismissed but at times you might be call upon even while you are in bed with your spouse.
  9. A leader must be humble. It is very important for leaders to be very humble. No task should be too small, or demeaning for you to do. For example, you should be humble enough to anoint those you serve feet if the Lord ask you to do so. Also never looked down at or belittled anyone. God can use even a little child to come and pray or minister to you.
  10. A leader must have great compassion, patience and tolerance. Everywhere Jesus went he had compassion on the people. As a leader you must follow in Jesus position and have compassion, patience and tolerance for those you lead. Some people will be very difficult to deal with and may try your patience more than once, but you cannot give up on them but try to help them. God gave you them for a reason.

Those whom you serve will not see God in the flesh, but they will see God through you. Their reflection of who God will come from you to some extent. You are God’s representative on earth and God has entrusted you to feed the flock.

God is coming back to pay every man according to their work shall be (Revelation 22: 12). When God comes, what will he have to say about your stewardship?

What is your take on this topic of being the leader God called you to be? Anything I left off or should have expounded on more?

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