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Raising Your Children With Religious Values

A Mississippi State University study showed in January 2008 that children behave better and adjust to life more quickly when raised with religious values. John Bartkowski, a sociology professor at the college, sampled over 16,000 kids to see how much self-control the mostly first-grade group had, how often they displayed poor behavior and whether or not they respected other kids they attended school with. The results showed that children raised in religion demonstrated better social skills, as well as improved approaches to learning and self-control. Bartkowski stated he concludes that religion can also provide social support to parents.

While religion can be a divisive topic in the world today, it has no doubt helped to shape the ethics upon which we base our behaviors and beliefs. For children being raised in a religious environment, it may be important to keep in mind some basic tenets of faith. It may improve their self-confidence if they are sure they are certain that God is in their life. When a child child to loses sight of their faith, they may end up turning to substance abuse for solace. They could end up at Christian rehabs for teens. God’s presence in your child’s life may be the most important cornerstone upon which to base the many lessons they learn.

While you want your children to be led in the light of God and follow his example, you never want them to believe they can be perfect. God was the only being who was ever perfect and we might never be able to achieve what he was able to do. This is why placing family as a priority is key. Growing the relationships between yourself and the closest human beings you know can foster love and respect. In other words, it can make a family stronger and result in less miscommunication and potential fights. It may prevent situations of drug or alcohol abuse from happening, where they would have to seek help at Christian rehabs for teens.

When God and family are front and center in your child’s life, their standards for behavior can improve. By looking to God and positive family examples, your children can grow up to be the best and brightest in the world. By attending church service every week, they will continue to develop their personal relationship with God over time. Giving your child the chance to decide which religion they subscribe to is also important. If they choose a different one, let them. As long as they know God loves them, they can succeed in anything they do.

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