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Top Tips To Get The Perfect Business Suit Look

Startups have changed drastically today and business suits have given way to informal outfits like turtlenecks, hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers and jeans. But, if you want to take your business to the next level or want others to take you seriously, then it is very critical for you to dress the right way. You need to be presentable with the right attire especially for a press launch or a business meeting with the client.


So, if you fall into the first category and planning to buy the first business suit of your own, you have come to the right place. Here we are with the top tips that will help you to figure out the basics.


The must-haves

If you go through the man’s closet, the two important suits are solid shades of charcoal grey and navy. Between the two, charcoal grey is considered as the must-have one.


You can equally have it during the day and night. Pair up your suit with blue shirt and brown shoes during the day and in the evening, switch to black shoes and white shirt. Moreover, you can go without the tie during the evenings. You can easily find yours at affordable rates at Debenhams all along with other accessories.


When it comes to the fabric you can go for a wool one or the one blended with silk as you can have it throughout the year for all the seasons. To get the classic look, choose the notched lapel for your suit.


Add more to the closet

Once you have the basics, then the third addition to your closet should be a black one. You can reserve it for occasions like funerals or cocktail parties. Once you have it, it is time you expand your horizons and try out new patterns. If you want to look attractive then going for the double-breasted suits is definitely good.


Get the right fit

There was a time when bigger pants and loose suits were what guys went for. This made them look baggy and bigger than their real size. This does not mean that you should go for tight outfits. Make sure you have right tailored suits which enhance your personality. Make sure the hem of the pants sit just above the shoe and the sleeves of the jacket should end above the shirt cuffs by one-half inch.



Accessories play a very important role to get the complete business look. It can be pieces like cuff link to pocket squares, lapel pins to tie bars, bracelets to watches. Using the right accessories will enhance your personality but, it is recommended that limiting yourself to a single piece is well and good. A good number of accessories are available in the market and you can find better deals on it using discount vouchers.


Choosing the right fit shirts and avoiding the baggy sleeves and muffin tops. It would be better if you choose the tie when you buy the shirt to get the complete look.


For suits, trends change very slowly and so you can go on with your suits at least for few more years. If you are a person who prefers business suits on regular basis don’t

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