How Well Do You Know The Book of Acts?

Do you know the book of Acts? The book of Acts is regarded as the genesis of the church and documents the Acts of the Apostles through the working of the Holy Spirit.

Take this newest quiz and test your knowledge today: How Well Do You Know The Book of Acts? 

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How to Return to Our Apostolic Roots

The church was birth out of the work of the Apostles documented in the book of Acts. It is clear from the book of Acts that God started ONE church, however, throughout history different churches came out of this one church having their own interpretations of the scriptures, for example you have Pentecostal, New Testament, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, amongst others. To make matters worst, the true church has lost its roots. Have the true church lost its purpose? Where is the true church? How did the Apostles Operate? how can we return to our Apostolic Roots?