Can You Match the Bible Verse to the Correct Book?

How much do you know the Bible? Maybe you have quoted some of these Bible verses are heard them been spoken, but do you know in which book of the Bible they can be found?

Test your knowledge to see how many of these Bible verses you can identify and share your result with your friends on social media. Remember to check often for new Bible base quiz.

Be sure to also leave a comment with your result

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The new Homosexual Bible- The Queen James Bible

I have came to the realization, for some time now, that when men wants to support their lifestyle they will try to change anything that goes against this, including the infallible Word of God, the Bible which should not be altered. Throughout history where the bible has speak against certain sins men with power and money (the love of which is the root of all evil and by which many has pierce their souls with many sorrows) in order to support their abominable and sinful acts sought to write THEIR OWN interpretations of the HOLY SCRIPTURES. The new Queen James Bible which is a new edition to the King James Bible is one of such interpretation written to support their Homosexual practice.