Spirit Led Ministry Seeks to open Public Discourse on State of Relationships

Considerable percentage of marriages end in divorce, and the number is considerably higher among African-Americans

Atlanta, GA – Spirit Led Ministry, a marriage and relationship-focused ministry in Atlanta, is looking to initiate an open dialogue in response to the question: Why do a considerable number of marriages/relationships fail?  Founded by Jacques and Toshia Posey, Spirit Led Ministry takes a refreshing, God-centered approach to healing marriages. By providing biblical counseling and coaching, Jacques and Toshia seek to help both couples and singles either prepare for marriage or strengthen their existing marriage based on God’s purpose.

“I think as a society, we spend a considerable amount of time discussing who or what caused a marriage to fail, but not nearly enough time discussing why,” said Jacques Posey.  “We must begin looking within ourselves as individuals, and asking ourselves what we could’ve done better, taking responsibility and ownership of these issues, and taking measures to address any such issues moving forward.”

According to recent statistics, between 40 – 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  That rate is even higher for African-Americans, with 70% ending in divorce.

“Toshia and I know first-hand what it feels like when your marriage is slipping away,” he said.  “What we offer is being able to not only share our experience, but use our calling as ministers of God, and help couples understand the commitment, work, and effort needed to make a marriage/relationship succeed.  If we as men and women can discuss with each other what are some of the root causes as to why relationships to fail, this is a solid first step in addressing problems within a relationship, and finding possible long-term solutions.” 

Having learned from their own personal experiences, Jacques and Toshia are able to guide couples through a transformation – teaching them to embrace and implement God’s truth in their marriage and relationships.

“We believe that if couples truly want to save their relationship, they will ask themselves and each other ‘why?’,” said Toshia Posey.  “And as counselors, we are here to help them answer this difficult question, and help heal the divide that currently exists.  My husband and I remain committed to healing the wounds that exist not just in the African-American community, but with all couples who are going through some difficult times.”

For more information, please visit www.officialspiritledministries.com.

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