The role of Prayer In Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addictions is the most difficult step in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Once a person has decided to fight his addictions, the most challenging part is to overcome the craving to go back to drugs.

Studies have shown that overcoming addiction is typically most effective when numerous approaches are combined. This can be done through counselling, meditation, prayer, family support, medications or the combination of all of these.


Quite similar to meditation, prayers and worship services are being done in Christian rehabilitation centers. These help a person restore his relationship with God. With a deeper spiritual connection, the person becomes stronger in handling his craving for drugs.

Many 12 step recovery programs are based on the belief in a higher power, and this becomes crucial to recovery. That said, there is no particular religious bias; rather, an acknowledgement that you will need assistance in overcoming your affliction

Of course there are other factors involved in successful recover as well. These include:


Counselling takes the largest portion of the time allocated for the rehabilitation programs. This is usually starts with one-on-one sessions between the patient and the drug counselor.

One of the objectives of counselling is to help the addict recognize his addiction and to willingly participate in the next steps in the program.


This is done to help the drug dependent keep his mind away from his craving. The mind is filled with good and positive thoughts through different meditation processes.

Family support

With the knowledge that one’s family is waiting to welcome his after the rehabilitation program, the drug dependent becomes more enthusiastic in participating in the program.

He also develops a positive outlook knowing that his recovery is supported by the most important people in his life.


For those who have been dependent on drugs for quite some time, medications are necessary to minimize the craving and to manage the withdrawal symptoms.

In most cases, it is due to the withdrawal symptoms that the recovering addict finds it difficult to let go of his addictions.

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