Sunday, January 20, 2019


God still talks to his creation and invites his creation to talk to him through prayer. Learn more...


Do You Know the Benefits of Praying to God?

Praying is basically talking to God. Praying involves: making a request, petition, worship and praise, being thankful, appeal and supplication. There is no special formulas or methods of praying (only that we should approach God with humility and reference), neither is there a particular time, day or way of praying eg sitting, kneeling, standing etc, in fact you can be walking and praying to God as you would with your friend.
How God speks to us

God is a speaking God, but how does God speak to...

We are now living in an age when most people believe that God no longer speaks to us directly has He did with the Prophets in the Old Testament and with his Apostles when the New Testament Church was birth on the Day of Pentecost. That my friend is not true as GOD DOES SPEAK TO HIS PEOPLE through various means and you too can learn to hear God’s voice directing you and speaking to you.