Saturday, January 19, 2019


Test your knowledge by taking one of our quiz. Its fun.......

The bible

Quiz- What Bible Verse Should You Be Focusing?

What #scripture should you be meditating on in this season of your life? Take the #quiz to find out

Quiz- Which Woman of the Bible Are You?

From Esther to Deborah to Rahab and many more, there are countless stories of brave and honorable #women of the Bible well worth looking...
Am I Under Spiritual Attack by The Enemy?

Quiz- Which Bible Character Said It?

Can you guess which #Bible #personality said what? Take the #quiz and find out! (These are taken from the NLT version)
The bible

Quiz- Which Passage Of The Bible Best Describes You?

Take this #quiz to see which #Bible passage fits your #personality.

Quiz- Which Bible Character Are You?

We all read about them and at time or another wish to be like them, but which Bible Character matches your #personality? From the...
What are the different Promises of God

Quiz- What Career Are You Meant For?

Ever wondered what #career could be just right for you? Not any career path is for you, Take this #quiz and find out which...
parenting styles

Quiz- What Type Of Parent Are You?

Stop the guessing and take this #personality #test to find out what type of parent you are. Are you overprotective? embarrassing? old-fashioned?

Quiz- Which Disney Couple Describes You And Your Partner?

If we should do a #personality test on you and your partner, which #Disney Couple would you guys be, Cinderella and Prince Charming or...

Quiz- Which Classic Peanuts Character Are You?

You watch them each Sunday mornings on your TV, ever wonder which #classic peanuts character you are? Find out which #classic Sunday morning comic...

How Well Do You Know The Book of Acts?

Do you know the book of Acts? The book of Acts is regarded as the genesis of the church and documents the Acts of...

Which of the 12 disciples are you?

Jesus had 12 main disciples which he called apostles. We all heard about them, we may not know all of their names, but nevertheless...

Can You Match the Bible Verse to the Correct Book?

How much do you know the Bible? Maybe you have quoted some of these Bible verses are heard them been spoken, but do you...