The clock is
ticking fast and members of Christ Embassy which is also known as Believers”
Loveworld, are getting ready for an awe – inspiring International Pastors’ and
Partners’ Conference. The Conference which holds annually, is one of the
biggest events of the year The event is hosted by the President and Founder of
Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and holds
in the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena in Lagos, Nigeria from the 12th-18th of November 2018.

This highly-
anticipated conference attracts over 20,000 pastors, partners, ministers,
youths and delegates from around the globe.

is a bouquet of several epochal events namely; International Pastors’
Conference, International Partners’ Conference (IPPC), International Teens
Pastors and Leaders Conference (ITPLC), Loveworld Exhibition, International
Media Connectors’ Conference ( IMCC) , Loveworld Archives, Loveworld Awards and
Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMAA).

in past programs, there is a representation from hundreds of nations across
every world; indeed an opportunity for the expression of the beauty in the body
of Christ. In addition to the array of sermons that will be delivered, powerful
prayer sessions, and workshops, the event will also feature music and movie
concerts, dance presentations and electrifying moments, all of which are
infused with the divine presence which Christ Embassy is known to exude.

the just -concluded November Communion service with Pastor Chris, the man of
God and President of the ministry, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome addressed the
participants saying, “This year’s IPPC will be like never before. Get ready for
a time of the Spirit. “This has helped to heighten the expectations of
delegates.  Dipo Poopola from Nigeria on a talk show program of Loveworld
Plus, one of the Christ Embassy satellite networks said, “I know that I will be
absolutely blessed by the teachings of Pastor Chris and I’m ready for it.”

Figure 1: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastors’ and Partners’ Conferences are marked by the pomp and pageantry of the
 grand opening ceremonies, 
uplifting exhortations, seminars, teachings by Pastor Chris and other
keynote speakers . These teachings and inspirational sessions have been known
to prepare the delegates for greater achievements in the New Year.

teenagers included, the week-long event allows a series of symposia tagged
“International Teens Pastors and Leaders Conference”. This gives the younger
generation the privilege to also learn about the advancement of the ministry.

of the spectacular events that delegates eagerly anticipate is the Loveworld
Exhibition where the multifaceted impact of Christ Embassy is showcased and how
the Pastor Chris’ teachings and initiatives have affected lives globally.
 The exhibition features insights and testimonials of the advancement of
the gospel through initiatives employed in 2018, achievements of collaboration
and projections for the future.

and new media is one area that Christ Embassy has taken advantage of, to
evangelize the world. The International Media Connector Conference creates the
platforms for delegates to meet and greet and enjoy enlightening sessions on
the trends of social media technology.

Archives since its debut at the IPPC 2014, has received star-studded
visitations of delegates to witness the creative compilation of
the journey into the history of the BLW nation.  Every visit to the
Loveworld Archives leaves the delegates inspired by the past for a greater
future and the 2018 edition is one of great expectations.

a night of glitz and glamour, the Loveworld Awards celebrates partners of
Christ Embassy ministry who have been instrumental to the success and landmarks
of the evangelical work during the course of the year. Pastor Chris seizes the opportunity
to express appreciation and applaud their commitment to the vision.

This special week
ends in yet another LIMAA, the third of its kind where prolific gospel artistes
of Christ Embassy will be on the dazzling stage to perform music of all genre
and creative arts. Award – winning music ministers such as Sinach, Martin PK,
Eben, Isaiiah Samson, Pee Yuu, Ada, Jadhiel, Joe Praise, Frank Edwards,
Samsong, Sophiya, Ur Flames, The Chosen group from South Africa, The Band from
the United Kingdom, spoken word presenter, Sophie and lots more will grace the
evening with electrifying and uplifting performances. Very significantly is the
debut of another thrilling movie, “KAIROS” , which will be broadcast live on
all Loveworld Networks; Loveworld Plus, Loveworld SAT, Loveworld TV.

the IPPC 2018 will be a season loaded with special blessings and testimonials!

receive updates from the conference, visit or download the Loveworld
News program for live updates.

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