Women Are Always Doing These 11 Things, And They Don’t Get It That Men Find Them Very Confusing

11 Things That Women Do That Men Finds Confusing

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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2016)

What can I say, women are very special, we simple cannot live without them. And guess what, we men can try to understand them, but we will have better luck trying to understand algebra and how to create a time traveling machine than understanding women. As if there behavior and sarcasism at times weren’t enough, they had to go out and add these 13 things to the every rising list of things women are always doing but men never seems to understand why.

Men, see if you can relate to any of these 13 things women does….. and women, see how many of these you are guilty of. Maybe you both can share your feelings in the comment section and share it with your friends so they too can go through the list.

So here goes……..

  1. Can’t make up their minds on what to wear. Men find it strange that a woman will have a thousand clothes, but still find it difficult to find something to wear. When a man will just take up something and wear, women will not. They will spend on hour in the closet just to decide on what to wear.


2. Will have a thousand pair of shoes, but see nothing wrong with it. And guess what, they will keep adding to it.


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3. Asking rhetorical questions. This is a well slippery ground here, be honest with your answer and you are doomed. These questions are like a test.


4. Putting the world in their handbags. Everyman knows that when they goes into a woman’s handbag they will find basically everything pack in that one handbag. If it was possible they probably would pack a house in it



5. Wearing shoes even if its hurting them. Women loves shoes. That’s a fact. What is also a fact is that heels are not really comfortable, but they will still wear them, even if it hurts


6. Did we forgot to mention they will wear cloths even if it’s uncomfortable?
Women have a knock for doing this. Only women will wear a mini skirt only to pull it down every five seconds to avoid exposing their privates. Why don’t they just wear something that is comfortable and be free? Sigh!


7. They will ensure that house/room is clean, but their cars will be dirty. Everyman knows that he should not dare try to dirty a woman’s house or room, especially after she just spent hours cleaning it. That’s fine. But why not take the same approach to their cars? They have shoes, food, hair and waste everywhere. I guess we all have our priorities right?


8. Easy to get angry over trivial stuff. Forget to invite a woman at an event or somewhere and you won’t hear the end of it. Forget to wish her a happy birthday, you’ve been blocked, just anything annoy women.


9. Having a million and one pillows on their beds. What a woman is doing with over 6 pillows only God knows. You know it’s a woman’s bed when it has more than six pillows, you definitely can tell it’s a man’s bed when it’s just one pillow, maximum two. We just can’t understand the use of the extra pillows.


10. Saying the opposite of what they really means. You heard it, the man will ask the woman what is wrong and she will give a reply like ‘i’m fine’ when you know she is not. It’s almost impossible to understand what women say since they usually mean the opposite of what they say.


11.Makeup struggle. Women will spend hours making up, only to clean it off every night.


 I hope you had fun reading this. Let me know what you think in the comment section, and do share.

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