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On behalf of Care Net, a national network of crisis pregnancy centers, LifeWay Research surveyed more than 1,000 American who have terminated one or more of their pregnancies.

Attendance at Time of First

2 in 3 evangelicals were attending monthly or more. [Note: “Evangelicals” based on self-identification.]

Both churchgoers and non-churchgoers equally reported receiving or expecting reactions from local churches that were “judgmental” (1 in 3) or “condemning” (1 in 4).


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But churchgoers were much more likely than non-attenders to report or expect reactions that were “caring” (31% vs. 7%), “helpful” (28% vs. 7%), “loving” (25% vs. 6%), and “informative” (17% vs. 5%).


52% of churchgoers say no one at church knows they terminated a pregnancy.38% say someone at church does know (including 55% of evangelicals).10% don’t know if someone at church knows or not.


Of note: Evangelicals were significantly more likely than non-evangelicals to consult their mother before aborting (40% vs. 31%). Churchgoers were unlikely to consult their (16%) or a crisis pregnancy care center (9%).


When Roland Warren and his wife, Yvette, were students at Princeton University, the dating couple faced a dilemma: Yvette became pregnant. A health counselor suggested she have an abortion, saying she would never graduate with a child in tow. The counselor was wrong: Roland and Yvette (who later became a doctor) married, and she graduated as the mom of two children. Warren brings his experience to his work as CEO of Care Net, a 40-year-old national network of crisis pregnancy centers.


The father of the child is so significant in this decision. When women were asked who they were likely to talk to about their decision, 61 percent said the father—more than medical professionals, abortion providers, mothers, girlfriends, friends—was the one they were most likely to talk to.

Reaction of Local Church (Received or Expected)

In the Secret, Quiet Place

52% of churchgoers say no one at church knows they terminated a pregnancy.
38% say someone at church does know (including 55% of evangelicals).
10% don’t know if someone at church knows or not.

Who Churchgoers Were Most Likely to Consult


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