(Last Updated On: March 22, 2016)

shares this message “” Stop feeling defeated, insignificant, like you don’t matter, your not beautiful. has given you more than enough to live victorious and to Be Comfortable With Who You Are

Eston Swaby

From the founder of BibleWayMag comes a powerful devotional and motivational book An Empowered Life Wake up each morning with an inspirational and motivational word to take you higher Get Your Copy Now or website my personal website driventosuccess.co for more details and other books.

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Eston Swaby is the Founder of www.biblewaymag.com He writes on various topics at BibleWayMag and sees his ministry as bringing people to Christ through any means available. Check out his latest book An Empowered Life which is now available on Amazon. Or visit www.estonswaby.com/books for more information