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The church of God can no longer be in a state of denial to the war that is going on in the spiritual realm that is having detrimental effects on the world, neither can they remain silent or in a defensive mode. cannot continue to stand by as spectators when they should be active participants in spiritual warfare against Satan and his servants.

The truth is, many people are in the church but they are living defeated lives, victims when they should be victors. God has given us power and authority over the enemy but the church fails to realize who they are and their role.

They are literally thousands of Christians living at this very moment we believes that there purpose is to have a nice house, raise their family, simple go to church and live their life without walking in their purpose. They believe that merely going to church and living holy is enough and they do not need to enter spiritual warfare for the souls of men. They stand by and watch as the enemy wreak havoc in their community, city and country taking many lives to hell while they sit by doing nothing, praying that they will be spare the wrath of the enemy or that the enemy will not come close them; not realizing the enemy is already controlling them or blinding their eyes to their full purpose.

Everything God has given us: house, car, family, career etc., is given to us to help us live a productive life as we work in the kingdom. It is not merely God’s job to win souls for the kingdom, to pray for the sick, to heal broken hearts, to fight for our family, but it is actually our job to go out in the world under the leadership and authority of Christ to deliver the hearts of men and bring them to Christ. It is our job to minister to the broken hearts, pray for the sick, oppress and those whose lives are broken. God is depending on us to do our part, and when we do our part, he will part his.


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