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unhappy, in some equipment or raw materials above what we grind, enough of us feel better. Feng Gu Kai said. Heard, people have nodded, apparently recognized Feng Jia Kai proposal. The experts are to juniors late, this is not one to accompany States Xu Chen Yu walked inside the hotel s presidential suite, saw twelve man has been sitting inside, laughing. How can we also just arrived Feng Jia Kai, who immediately got up and laughed. Chen Yu thought would be cold treated, after all these are only interested in research, the lack of some ways of the world s Additional Online Exams for Validating Knowledge it exam top research talent. To be continued. Body of Additional Online Exams for Validating Knowledge seven hundred and thirty first chapter visit the Matrix Technology You are old experts, are seniors, we convened over the mainly small meeting, predecessors able to come here, that level is reached, and one for research. I can assure you that inside the Matrix Technology Institute, as long as about the experiment, you what to what As long as you proposed, I was able to get to you, but you do not let me down, after all, money is not the wind blowing, you need to output to generate returns. In order to provide you all the necessary equipment. As for the quality of what I do not say, for many years you should know are a few, one thing I should note that you can not enter the Institute with any electronic device, the Institute can not take anything, how to, how to leave. After entering the Institute, there will be professional clothing to you, everyone s clothes are uniform, all the items you brought in will be archived, and when you leave, I said of course not leave leave, but back home or is doing, anyway, is to leave Cisco Certification the Institute, these things had returned, of course, your clothing will be archived if you leave, your information items will be archived for three years, three years after the direct destruction. And confidentiality agreements, research anything you have not pass out, oth.

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